We connect ecosystems, businesses and people

AfricaBerlin Network is an enpact project committed to connecting ecosystems and building impactful communities.

The project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development as part of the Union’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises and is implemented in close cooperation with Berlin Partner along with the ever-growing support of other stakeholders.

We believe sustainable and inclusive transformation is best achieved through the power of community. We enable relationship-building among investors, startups, innovators, future makers, doers, entrepreneurs, and supporters through workshops, networking events, and delegation trips.

Sustainable because we aim at building relationships that last

Inclusive because we strive to develop a diverse ecosystem and overcome systemic resource gaps

Community because we are a network of interconnected ecosystems and actors

ABN is a collective platform that supports startups and SMEs in international expansion and overcoming the challenges of internationalization. The networking project builds bridges to connect entrepreneurship ecosystems in Berlin with four African focus countries: Egypt, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. Through workshops, seminars, trade fair participation and delegation trips, ABN fosters economic cooperation and partnerships that provide a platform for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs across the focus areas.

Our Approach

  • Internationalization

    Fostering collaboration and partnerships between ecosystems.

  • Network Development

    Building a multilateral network of diverse stakeholders.

  • Talent Bridge

    Connecting professionals with opportunities and resources.

Why Berlin

Berlin has a great support infrastructure for startups and small businesses that makes it an ideal gateway for African Businesses looking to expand to the European market.

City for startups and innovation

  • 500 startups founded every year
  • 80,000 jobs created by startups
  • Approx. 58% of the venture capital invested throughout Germany

City of decision makers

  • Location of federal government & parliament
  • 227 diplomatic representations
  • International institutions & organisations
  • All leading German associations
  • Headquarters & representative
  • Media capital

City of opportunities

  • 190,201 companies are active in Berlin (2019)
  • 143,300 events take place yearly (20 % international)
  • 11.9m participating trade visitors
  • 7 leading international trade fairs

City of science & research

  • 250,000 people teach, research, work and study in Berlin
  • 143,300 events (20 % international)

Focus ecosystems

Our work is focused on developing and connecting entrepreneurship ecosystems across Africa and Europe, with a special focus on Berlin, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.


Our Team

Ernest Armah

Project Manager Communications


Shaimaa Emam

Project Manager Monitoring, Evaluation


Eric Mudoga

Project Manager Community


Noma Ntshobane

Project Manager Community

South Africa

Carolin Schütz

Project Lead


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